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Tours and tastings in the Romagnolo hinterland

Hotel Acerboli will discover the treasures of the hinterland and the secrets of the products and wines of our winery
Because Rimini is not just beach and fun but a lot, much more ...
The villages, the castles and the valleys are intertwined creating a breathtaking view until it mixes with the Romagna coast

For history lovers we have created unmissable itineraries:
Visits, Trips out of doors, Walks, and Relaxing Stations ... among the many days we have the pleasure of organizing a stop for you at the "Case Marcosanti" Winery where, in addition to tastings of typical products, you can taste the wines of our family in a suggestive and unique setting.  ""

An opportunity not only to learn about the company's history and secrets but also to return to the past by visiting one of the Steam Locomotives that participated in 2 World Wars, La 740.
Reason for pride for the family that has kept it in their garden recreating a real station.

We hope to have you with us to live new adventures together

Every day the Hotel Acerboli will present you all the excursions organized to which you can join Free or with small quotas

Contact us or fill out the form to get a quote tailored to you !!! We are waiting for you

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