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What to expect from a Romagnolo a Tavola

The Romagna, in general, have a good-natured character and have made hospitality their flag, but when it comes to border on the manic and food can become intolerant. Open to every kind of experience, if it comes to food are suspicious innovations and contaminations are willing to try, but then they are likely to return to tradition and there are things on which you just do not compromise. Many are so things that are really angered a Romagna at the table. There propose 10, with a pair of stainless truth.
- For all the Romagna, in practice, food and good food are synonymous with joy and sharing and this leads us straight straight at the first of the things that the Romagna can not stand at the table: the rush that makes you who clears the table as soon as you finished a dish. The table has its time, a lunch is not just what you eat, but also talk, relaxation and a good glass of wine drunk in peace. Haste is the enemy of conviviality and then, after a pause, you can always start to eat again.
- Eating in a hurry how irritating as well as eating standing in front of a food on the street or track at a fast food restaurant. Unless it is not the lady who uses local produce to prepare tortillas. In this case the Romagna makes peace with his soul slow and you have in neat rows out of the kiosk.
- The portions. The Romagna grandmothers teach: if the food ends means that it was not enough for all the guests. The portions may not therefore be limited, nor right, they have to be abundant. From this conviction it was born the first truth: the 'haute cuisine with small portions appropriately to allow long tasting has no easy life in Romagna.
- Tradition is the safe haven in which to land for lunch on Sunday. Two in particular are the dishes that can not miss, and of which each has an opinion Romagna: tagliatelle with meat sauce and cappelletti stuffed. You can be sure that, at least once a year, will be the subject of intense discussions. About cappelletti: those who confuse tortellini and cappelletti has the ability to send in a Romagna beast: Romagna you make cappelletti , strictly in broth, tortellini Emilia let them!
- But with the Emiliani we would agree on one thing: spaghetti with meat sauce, so-called spaghetti bolognese, is a tourist trap, an insult to the sauce that slips away without finding anything that holds it.
- In addition, the dressing should be plentiful: Once finished the noodles sauce should be enough to make the shoe. Without you ruined lunch to any of Romagna, as well for those on a diet.
- Bread / symbol of Romagna, piadina, is the queen of the boards from Forli to Rimini via Ravenna. Argue that the piadina also becomes a Bologna is more serious than a curse. Inconceivable then the thought that someone might not like.
- To go through the meal to most of Romagna just work by subtraction: a meal is not to be considered as such if at the table are not in the form, that Parmesan cheese, and bread.

- Brunch is an incomprehensible concept for a Romagna: how do you replace lunch, maybe just that Sunday, with a buffet of savory and sweet rolls cakes? But what, are you crazy?
- Finally, vegan cuisine. Timidly some vegan restaurant is rising even in Romagna, but no joking: irreplaceable center of our kitchen is him, the pig. Vegetables? Excellent as outlines and sunglasses if you're sick with a lot of questions: "Why do you eat vegetables? Are you sick? "So to speak.
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